Auer Jot


Auer Jot simply lets you unload your thoughts and free valuable mental space.

Auer Jot

With a simple and minimal interface, no distractions, and a quick way to search your information, Auer Jot gives you only the features needed and nothing more.


Auer Jot new jot

Just press CMD+N and enter your thoughts and ideas. You can use basic markdown to highlight text.

Auer Jot search

Auer Jot has simple and fast search capabilities. Just go to the search field (or press CMD+L) and start typing to search your jots.

Auer Jot filter

You can mark the jots you like with a star and then filter them when you want to see only those.

Oh and dark mode is supported out of the box.

Auer Jot dark mode

Simple and Quiet

The application has a minimal and simple user interface. It gives you the right tools to get the job done. It is also an example of quiet software, without alerts, and remaining out of the way until it's needed. Quiet software focuses on less, when everyone is looking for more.


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